Professional Motor Sport World Expo 2017

We invite all our friends, current customers and future customers, automobile enthusiasts and professionals to see us at our booth #3085 at Professional Motor Sport World Expo 2017

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BPK Europe OÜ | The Ultimate Race Track System
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BL-3500 SLX
BL-5000 SLX
BL-7000 SLX

The QuickJack portable lifting system makes vehicle maintenance on the track and off convenient and lightning fast. The QuickJack can go anywhere and can be easily stowed in the trunk or back seat of most cars when not in use. Bring it to the track or drop it on your garage floor to perform routine maintenance in the comfort of your home, all in seconds.
The QuickJack replaces clumsy floor jacks and unstable jack stands with a safe, durable and very convenient vehicle jacking and support system. Simply position the lightweight jack frames under the vehicle, push the raise button on the remote hand-held pendant control and in less than a minute, cars and light trucks are almost two-feet off the ground, ready for tire changes, chassis tuning or other maintenance.
The rugged built QuickJack collapses to a low three-inch profile so it fits where other jacks don’t and the no-assembly-required set-up means practicality and portability becomes reality. Because the QuickJack is void of any cross members it provides greater undercar access and can be installed at a width that best suits the vehicles you’ll be raising.
A good solution makes life simpler and the QuickJack exceeds that challenge.

Customer feedback

"This past weekend at the SCCA Time Trials at Talladega Grand Prix Raceway I offered the 3500# unit up for all that wanted to try it. My friend used it to find an oil leak on ramps and just couldn't find it. I told him to put it on the lift to get it up higher and give it a good look. This helped him find out what was really happening and get him out on track. Another BMW driver just wanted to use it for a quick 4 wheel tire change and he loved using it. At the track this product is great. I'm sure it works great in the garage as well."

Dolfan, Atlanta

"I saw the quick jack in action at the PRI show in Indy this last december. After speaking with Maricela, I ordered a 5000 dc model. after returning home, I called Maricella and decided to order a 3500 ac., that way I could use either one a the race track or my shop. Got the show price also! After assembling them, I used the 3500 on a Lexus to do a timing belt because both my regular lifts were tied up. The first safety stop was perfect for working waist level and top safety gave me plenty of room to work under car with no jack or jackstands in my way, and the car was very stable. We also used them on our Monte Carlo race car, you cant even get a jack under it, but no problem for the QuickJack. I've told other people about them and they ordered one also. A great investment and safe also. And free shipping!""

G. Sheppard, Fairlfield Ohio

"Quickjack fits the bill for me perfectly. Unfortunately, the lifting points were originally too short for my car. Then they came out with the 5000XL and BINGO, I jumped on it. I leave them on the floor in my garage (pushed together) and just pull over (straddle) them. When I want to use them I just pull them out to position and hit the up button. Easy peasy."


"For reference, I'm the proud new owner of a BL-5000 lift. I purchased the larger unit in order to be able to lift both my NA's and the family hauler (2005 Honda Odyssey)."


"I saw last week Ranger has a new accessory for the BL5000 to raise trucks and SUV's even higher. Glad I bought the 5000. It works great and I need the extra capacity for my non-Miata vehicles."

C. Thompson

"Yes I bought one this year. I love it, and yes you still need the pucks unless you are realy careful to center the rubber pads that it comes with. I bought the 5000 model, because I use it for my Jeep and my wifes Pacifica to do oil changes, and then I will be using it to get the vette up off the floor this winter."

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